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10 Part Guide to a Firearms Licence in Queensland (Part 6)


Additional Forms for a Weapons Licence Application in Queensland


Online Applications

You can apply online for a weapons licence or permit to acquire a weapon. As part of your online application, you can upload all the supporting documents you need to submit, and pay the fee using a credit or debit card.


Finding the forms you need

Our forms contains all the forms you need to support your application. These can be completed on a computer, then printed and signed. Alternatively, you can print the forms and complete them by hand. We’ve sorted the forms into sections to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

This library contains copies of forms which can be downloaded and printed.



Download the Purchase Order Form - To Purchase Special Forms 


New Weapons Application Form

Form 1 - application for a weapons licence


Form 1 Annexures

Download Form: Collector's application

Download Form:  Historical or military re-enactments category M crossbows

Download Form:  Sports or target shooting

Download Form:  Recreational shooting and recreational fishing

Download Form:  Primary production

Download Form:  Rural employee

Download Form:  Occupational - armourer/dealer

Download Form:  Occupational - security

Download Form:  Occupational - other

Download Form:  Other reasons


Visitor's Licence

Download Form:   Visitor's licence application


Licence Renewal

Application to renew a weapons licence

Guide to renewing

Early lodgement of renewal application (to accompany renewal application)

Genuine reason annexure


 Cancel your Weapons Licence 

 Notice of surrender of licence


 Expired Licence Brochure

Expired licence brochure


 Replace Licence or Permit to Acquire

Application for replacement licence / permit to acquire


 Managing Your Weapons Licence Details - Name & Address

Change of address / change of name / change of weapon(s) secure storage facility

Change of weapons category and / or change of condition(s) of licence

Change of business particulars / change of representatives

Change of business particulars / other reasons

Application for transfer of weapons

Form 34 - licensed dealer associate details

QP 0415 firearms list


Acquiring or Disposing of Firearms & Weapons

Form 28 - application for a permit to acquire

B709 - import permit

Form 8 - receipt for surrendered weapon(s)

Weapons licensing indemnity receipt


Forms for Firearms Club, Rifle Ranges & Shooting Galleries


Form 12 - Dealer annual return

Form 15A - Application/Renewal for a Shooting Club Permit

Form 15B - Application/Renewal for a Shooting Range Approval

Form 15C - Application/Renewal for Approval to Conduct a Shooting Gallery

Form 15CA - Application for Additional Representative - Shooting Gallery

Form 15D - Application for Approval to Conduct an Arms Fair

Form 15E - Application for Approval for a Historical Society

Form 15F - Application for an Exemption

Form 15G - Application for Approval for a Weapons Club

Form 15G - Annexure - Sports Target Shooting - Category M Crossbows

Form 15G - Annexure Recreational Shooting

Form 15G - Annexure - Historical or Military Re-enactment Demonstration use - Category M Crossbows

Form 15G - Annexure - Historical or Military Re-enactment - Training only Category M Crossbows

Form 20A - Club Range use Register (Category H only)

Form 20B -  Club Range use Register (other than Category H)

Form 20C - Club Range use Register (Category A B H)

Form 33 - Declaration by an Unauthorised Person for use of a Weapon at an Approved Range 

Form 33A - Declaration by an Unlicensed Person to Possess a Weapon at an Approved Range

QP 0515 - Application for Statement of Eligibility to Join an Approved Pistol Shooting Club

QP 0516 - Pistol Club Shooters Participation Guide

QP 0517 - Approved Historical Society Declaration (Collector's Licence)

QP 0518A - Approved Club Declaration - Concealable Firearms (Queensland Applicant)

QP 0518B - Approved Club Declaration - Concealable Firearms (Interstate / Overseas)

Pistol Club Participation Template

Participation Shoots Calculator


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