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8 x Types of Firearm Category in Western Australia Gun Licences


Most firearms fall into one of eight different types. Some background information may be helpful in understanding the way firearms are categorised in Western Australia.


 Typical Air Pistol      Pneumatic Firearms

Air rifles and Air Pistols fall into the category of air powered guns. Mostly air powered guns have small calibres that range from .177 to .22 and even go as large as 50calibre. These air powered gun operate from an internal air ram or from an air cyclinder. These firearms are usually single shot and are reloaded after each shot. Some air powered guns come with a magazine.

This is a break open firearm    Break Open FirearmsBreak open firearms have a single or dual barrel and can come in many forms such as handguns, rifles and shotguns. Once again these firearms come in a variety of calibres and cartridge types. Example A double barrel shotgun. These gun have a catch that keeps the breach closed, but when moved, allows the breach to open and the cartridge to be removed. This type of gun is usually a single shot per barrel weapon.
Single Shot Rifle - Falling Block Single Shot RiflesSingle shot rifles do not have a magazine. Falling Block, Bolt action or lever action single shot rifles are manually loaded through the ejection port and into the chamber. 
Bolt Action Rifle  Bolt Action FirearmsBolt action firearms are usually a repeating rifle or single shot in almost every conceivable calibre and can include some shotguns. They may have a fixed or removable box magazine, hinged floor or tubular magazine under the barrel or in the butt of the firearm. These firearms can be easily identified by a turned bolt, with the bolt handle usually on the right-hand side of the action. The bolt is raised and drawn to the rear to open the action. Safety catches are normally found at the rear of the action behind the bolt handle or near the trigger guard.
 Marlin lever action rifle  Lever Action FirearmsLever action firearms are usually manually operated repeating rifles and can be identified by the cocking lever under the action of the firearm. They usually have a tubular magazine under the barrel or movable box magazine. They are available in a variety of calibres.Downwards movement on the lever opens the action. Most of the western style rifles will not be fitted with a safety however the newer models have been fitted with a push button safety just in front of the hammer.
pump action rifle 200 Pump Action Firearms

Pump action firearms are common in shotguns of various gauges but can also include rifles in rim fire and centre fire calibres.They can be identified by a sliding fore end that is drawn to the rear to open the action. They can be fitted with a tubular magazine under the barrel or a box magazine. Most have a safety catch located near the trigger guard.

 semi automatic pistol Self Loading FirearmsSelf loading firearms are available in a large variety of rifle calibres and in shotgun gauges. They are usually identifiable by a small cocking handle which usually protrudes to the right-hand side of the breech bolt. They may be fitted with box or tubular magazines and can vary greatly in ammunition capacity. Self loading firearms are also referred to as semi automatic firearms as each press of the trigger cycles the action automatically. These firearms will operate in one of the following manners: blowback, gas operated or recoil operated.
Fully Automatic Rifle Fully AutomaticMost fully automatic weapons take the form of general purpose machine guns fed from either a cloth or disintegrating link belt, or sub machine guns of varying size and styles. They usually have a large capacity box or drum magazine. Most have a select fire switch to allow either semi automatic or full automatic fire. Some military rifles have selective fire capacity.




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