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You need to be a "fit and proper person" to hold a Firearms Licence in Australia.

The terminology may change between states, but the intent is the same. Societies don't give gun licences to criminals or people of poor character for obvious reasons.  Who decides if you qualify under this legal definition of a "fit and proper person" to legally own a gun?   Who deciides if you have a "genuine reason" to possess a firearm?  If you said the Police decide, you would be half right. There is however legal recourse in all states of Australia for people who feel that they have been incorrectly or unjustifiably denied a gun licence or had an adverse decision by the Police Commissioner or his deligate that affects their access to a type or calibre of firearm. This avenue of recourse is usually through the Courts or a legal Tribunal.


The type and standard of evidence accepted in these Tribunals is usually of a less stringent standard than other Courts in the legal system. You will be reminded of this fact as you read through a few Firearm Appeals cases.


The decisions made by State Appeals Tribunals & Courts are a wealth of information related to the interpretation and understanding of State Firearms Acts & Regulations and more importantly, how the Courts view the scope and intent of the legislation.  Some of these court decisions become "test cases" and set a standard  by which all future firearms court case decisions are judged.


Some of these Court cases are EXTREMELY interesting.  "So have a browse and see what you think!" Used Guns Mart

Australian Firearms Laws and Appeals Cases