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What to Know Before You Sell

Please remember by listing an item for sale or Auction, you are legally committing to accept the highest bid for the item. If you receive a bid above the minimum price you set, and a reserve price is not specified, you are legally obligated to complete the transaction. The only exception is if completing the sale would violate, Australian State or Federal law. This helps us provide a high-quality environment for both buyers and sellers.


Here are some helpful rules and suggestions for listing your item:

  1. You may place any firearm or associated parts & accessories for sale or auction which you have the legal right to sell.  The item for sale, the description and all links must comply with Terms & Conditions & User Agreement.
  2. Please list your item in an appropriate category. You can select up to 2 x Categories provided the the secondary category applies directly to your firearm, part or accessoriy. For example - A 303 rifle can be placed in "Military Firearms & Militaria" and "Large Bore Rifles".
  3. Your description of the item must be truthful and accurate. You should clarify any additional terms or expenses associated with the item, such as who will pay shipping - insurance expenses and who will pay the transfer fees.
  4. You should state how you expect to be paid (for example, Bank Transfer, Credit Cards or through Escrow Company).
  5. For New items, the Warranty terms should be clearly outlined.
  6. If you are required to collect GST, you must include this information in the listing terms.
  7. Auctions in which the winning bidder is given a choice between various items are not encouraged. If you are unable to provide the buyer with the item he/she chooses, you are considered to have defaulted on the transaction.
  8. In order to maintain a consistently good experience for our members, we reserve the right to suspend the accounts of persons who fail to complete transactions 
  9. If you start a listing and decide you no longer wish to sell the item, you can end the auction early  using  our Submit a Support Ticket system. An auction cannot be ended early once there are bids on the item.
  10. It is important to stay in communication with bidders/buyers and promptly respond to all inquiries.
  11. A seller may not bid on their own auction.
  12. Reserve Price auctions are often unpopular with bidders. We suggest you set your Starting Bid to the least amount you will sell the item for, and let the bidding begin at that price.How to Setup a Firearm Auction


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