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How to Setup an Advertisement


How much does it cost?

Standard listings on are charged a small insertion fee with no commissions or fees based on the selling price. We do not charge recurring membership fees.  You have the option of selecting a specially featured listing with multiple photos, a product video  and website link.  All listings can be enhance with optional services designed to offer premium placement and draw more attention to the listing with borders and coloured backgrounds. 


Watch Our Tutorial Video - How to Build Your First Advertisement

Buyers can contact the Seller through our contact forms and make offers through our Offer Form. There are no extra fees when your item sells.

For full details on our fees, see our Fees page.

How to list your item:

To list an item, click "Post an Ad +" at the top of the page, then follow these steps: 


Procedure        How to:
1. Title    

You have 30 character limit in this field. Be brief, clear and to the point.

Example: "303 cal Bolt Action Rifle" 

2. Category Selection


The Category Fields are "live" fields, which means that multiple function occur, based upon your selection. The first category to select is the main Base selection before extra sub-fields selection.



  • After your selection, the secondary fields will appear in a drop-down box. Select your sub category.

Example:      Top Field - "Rifles Main Menu"

                       Secondary Field -  "Large Bore Rifles"

  • We do permit an additional category to be used, but please don't spam non-applicable categories. A good example secondary category for this example would be "Military Firearms & Militaria"


3. Describe your item.


Provide detailed information about your item:

  • You can place background information from Manufacturers website. Copy & Paste text works in this fully functional editor. You have access to a multitude of tools including image insert, tables, font size, hyper links etc.
  • Please Provide a descriptive title and include any specific information about who is responsible for the transfer costs, shipping, insurance and a close estimate of the cost involved.
  • This Description field does allow plain text or HTML editions under TOOLS > Source Code
  • We have allowed a large space for you to provide as much information as possible about your item. If you find yourself short of information, do a quick Google search for information that can be useful to a prospective buyer.
  • Enter payment terms, shipping information, and warranty information if you are a Dealer.


  • This text box can be widened by dragging the bottom right corner to the right.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment with the function available.


4. Video

INSERT A VIDEO: One of the special features of this sight compared to other similar Used Guns online market forums, is the ability to include a video. We allow links from a specific YouTube and Vimeo video to be included. A Good close up video of your firearm is worth a thousand photos and can be a great aid to selling your item.

See this tutorial for assistance - YouTube 






The Share link (left) under your YouTube video will provide you with a URL link such as this one below. Paste this link into the Video Field. Done!

5. Select format and pricing. 



Select pricing options and auction schedule, as well as optional services to make your item more attractive to buyers:

  • Select the auction duration (from 1 - 14 days) or fixed price duration (30, 60, or 90 days).
  • Select when you want the item to relist.
  • Select how you want to price the item: Fixed Price versus Auction Listing; Reserve Price and Starting Bid; Buy Now! Price).
  • Indicate when to schedule the auction (immediately or for a future date).
  • Select optional services to draw attention to your listing.
6. Upload pictures. Add pictures to your listing. You can upload up to 10 pictures at one time. If you have more than 10 pictures, and your plan permits, you can add more after listing the item.

7. Preview your listing.



  • Review your item details to make sure everything is correct. After a bid is received on the item, you will be unable to make more changes.
  • Review the Categories and make sure all required fields have been completed. When you are satisfied with your listing, click "Preview" or "Save" 
  • Help: "Save"  If you pressed save and received an error message, you will need to check for an error in one of the categories. 
  • Help: "Price" The second field is designed for the price. (see yellow field - left) This can cause confusion due to the multi-currency design of the form.
  • If the form will not save, there is an error in a field or a required field has not been completed. 



8. Monitor your listing.




We automatically track all your selling activity. You can access Offers History and Edit your listings by clicking My MENU > My Advertisements > Edit My Advertisement