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State : New South Wales
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Dealer's Firearms Licence: 405578863
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Gun Details

The M98B goes down as one of the most impressive examples that I’ve ever fired. Both fit and finish is top notch. For a rifle of this caliber, it only weighs 16 pounds (gun, bipod, scope and empty magazine), making it suitable for carry during extended stand-off situations. The aluminum receiver contributes to its lightweight handling quality, and the anodized finish is a tactical matte black.

The edgy and angular shapes on the M98B are true to the Barrett heritage but the reduced dimensions, components and weight only borrow in concept from other Barrett weapon systems. The forend and Picatinny rail are cut from the same piece of metal as the receiver. An inherent advantage is that the barrel is truly independent of contact or stress that the receiver endures. Cuts and recesses throughout the receiver and the barrel not only shave weight, but are functional in many places. Oval slots in the forend encourage air circulating the breech-end of the barrel while venting heat. I’ve never seen the need for flutes on small caliber semi-automatic rifles or barrels on bolt actions but the .338 Lapua Mag can generate quite a bit of heat. The flutes help cool this barrel while contributing to the shaved weight of the overall system.

The muzzle brake does just what it is designed to do. Once the bullet has exited the muzzle, gases behind the bullet escape and hit the walls of the muzzle brake, changing direction with great force. The muzzle brake not only protects the crown of the muzzle, but also pulls the rifle in the direction that the bullet travels, away from the shooter. Recoil felt by the shooter is reduced to something similar as a 20 gauge shotgun, making it easy to recover, engage or identify other potential targets.

The bolt assembly is a well-thought-out design. When looking through the naturally positioned scope, the right hand comes up and finds the bolt handle naturally and lifts, unlocking the bolt. When pulling the bolt to the rear, exposing the chamber, it rides very smoothly atop the remaining cartridges in the magazine and seems as if it only moves to the rear a few inches. It strips a new cartridge from the magazine seamlessly and locks it into the chamber without having to slap the bolt handle down.

The adjustable trigger is possibly Barrett’s most significant innovation to the M98B. It is a first for Barrett in a production rifle. The trigger is ideally shaped for a straight rearward pull and it broke exactly at 1.5 pounds with each squeeze. Although this measurement may seem light, I felt that it required deliberate activation while shooting without disturbing sight picture. Two nuts prevent the adjustment screws from moving and can be accessed from the top with the receiver broken down shotgun-style.

The grip is unique to Barrett and ergonomic to the hand with finger grooves and pebbled traction for a moist hand. A subtle shelf for the thumb and arch for a high grip makes the relationship of the trigger finger to the arch of the trigger shoe ideal. If an operator has a different grip preference, the design of the receiver accepts aftermarket AR grip assemblies. Conveniently located near the shooting hand is the selector that features a white tick mark on the right side of the receiver to indicate what status (safe or fire) the rifle is in. Keeping consistent with the ergonomic theme, a downward push on the shelf of the selector takes the rifle off safe for single-shot operation.

Specific details

Make Barrett
Model M98B
Year of Manufacture ---
Barrel Length 27"?
Condition Excellent
Sights None
Optical Characteristics nil
Accessories Included Bipod , Magazine/s , Rifle Hard Case , Muzzle Brake
Rifle Calibre .338 LAPUA MAGNUM
Serial Number 405578863
Transfer & Shipping Contact Seller for Details.
Rounds Count ;Less than 100;


New South Wales




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