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UNFIRED 1950'S NO4 MK1 .303

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State : New South Wales
My Firearms Licence: 407157886
Transferring Firearms Dealer : G Muscat
Firearm Dealer's Address: Broken Hill
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1950 Long Branch No.4 Mk1 .303 UNFIRED


  • Unfired pristine 303 1950 manufacture .
  • Dark walnut type wood.
  • Transfer through Dealer as usual.
  • Transfer costs - Call to discuss.



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Background Long Branch No.4 Mk1 Rifle


Unlike the SMLE, that had a nose cap, the No 4 Lee–Enfield barrel protruded from the end of the fore-stock. For easier machining, the charger bridge was no longer rounded. The iron sight line was redesigned and featured a rear receiver aperture battle sight calibrated for 300 yd (274 m) with an additional ladder aperture sight that could be flipped up and was calibrated for 200–1,300 yd (183–1,189 m) in 100 yd (91 m) increments. This sight, like other aperture sights, proved to be faster and more accurate than the typical mid-barrel open rear sight elements sight lines offered by Mauser, previous Lee–Enfields or the Buffington battle sight of the M1903 Springfield.



During the course of the Second World War, the No. 4 rifle was further simplified for mass-production with the creation of the No. 4 Mk I* in 1942, with the bolt release catch replaced by a simpler notch on the bolt track of the rifle's receiver. It was produced only in North America, by Small Arms Limited, at Long Branch in Canada and Stevens-Savage Firearms, in the USA. The No.4 rifle was primarily produced for the United Kingdom, Canada and some other Commonwealth countries such as New Zealand.

Specific details

Make Select Manufacturer
Model No4 Mk1
Year of Manufacture 1950
Barrel Length 25.2 in (640 mm)
Condition Brand New
Sights Iron
Optical Characteristics ---
Accessories Included Magazine/s
Rifle Calibre .303 British
Serial Number 92L7814
Transfer & Shipping Contact Seller for Details.
Rounds Count Brand New


New South Wales



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