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Beretta Inox 9mm Ghost Ad


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92FS Inox: Absolute Dependability and Great Looks The Ber

92FS Inox: Absolute Dependability and Great Looks

The Beretta 92FS Inox gives you all the features of the legendary 92FS or M9 (the official sidearm of the US military), in a rugged and attractive satin stainless steel finish.

The slide, barrel and internal parts are all stainless, while the alloy frame is anodized to match the color and finish of the other components. It also features stippled-textured soft rubber grips that further absorb recoil while affording a firm and positive grip. Besides being one of the most photogenic handguns ever made (it appeared in countless movies and TV shows), it is perfect for home or personal defense, as well as concealed carry and recreational shooting.

Match-Grade Accuracy out of the Box

Regardless of the wonderful reputation it may have, the true test for a tactical pistol’s worth is at the shooting range. The 92FS consistently bests the US military requirement of a 10-shot group of 3” or less at 50 meters (just short of 55 yards). While this type of  match-grade accuracy is impressive, it is no magic. At Beretta, we know that absolutely precise tolerances keep performance consistent shot after shot—which not only make the 92FS super-accurate, but it makes all factory parts interchangeable within the same model. Couple to this the ability to reliably feed every variety of commercial ammunition, and it is easy to understand why the 92FS remains the best pistol in its class.

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