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  • 10 Part Guide to a Firearms Licence in Queensland (Part 3)


    What is a "Genuine Reason" to Own a Weapon / Firearm?

    To be issued a Queensland Weapons Act licence, you are required to have a genuine reason for the licence.  You may even have more than 1 genuine reason, which is ok.  Provided you satisfy the requirements, we can endorse a licence for multiple genuine reasons

    Once you've decided what weapon categories you'd like, what type of licence is right for you, and your genuine reason, proceed to the Apply section of the site to determine what you are required to provide. 

    Below are the primary genuine reasons to obtain a licence in Queensland. 



    Recreation shooting is one of the most common reasons for applying for a licence in Queensland.  A recreational licence will enable you to use your firearms on rural lands provided you have a the consent of the owner, or are a member of a hunting body. This can include using firearms on your own property where you don't meet the requirements for primary production, e.g. euthanising stock, or culling feral animals. 

    Permitted licence types:
    • Firearms licence
    • Miscellaneous weapons licence.


    Sport or target shooting

    Following recreational shooting, participating in target shooting with your own firearms is another genuine reason to hold a firearms licence. 

    Permitted licence types:
    • Concealable firearms licence
    • Firearms licence
    • Firearms licence (group)
    • Minor's licence
    • Miscellaneous weapons licence


    Primary Production 

    You are considered a primary producer if you are primarily engaged in an the occupation of-

    • dairy farmer 
    • wheat, maize, or cereal grower
    • cane grower
    • fruit grower
    • grazier
    • farmer, whether engaged in general or mixed farming, cotton, potato, or vegetable growing, or poultry or pig raising, or
    • in some instances, if you hold a commercial fishers licence issued under the Fisheries Act 1994.

    If you are not primarily engaged in one of these occupations,  if you have a 'hobby' farm, or if you aren't raising stock or growing crops commercially, it is unlikely that your genuine reason is for primary production.  

    A recreational genuine reason may be better suited to your needs.

    Permitted licence types:
    • Firearms licence 
    • Concealable firearms licence
    • Minor's licence


    Occupational requirement (including for rural purposes)

    If you have an occupation that requires you to possess or use firearms, this is the genuine reason for you.  Almost all licences are able to be used for a specific occupational purpose. Depending on your occupation, you will be required to provide specific information at the time of applying for a licence. 

    Permitted licence types:
    • Concealable firearms licence
    • Minor's licence
    • Security licence (guard) - employee
    • Security licence (guard) - sole provider
    • Security licence (guard) - business
    • Firearms licence
    • Firearms licence (instructor)
    • Armourer's licence
    • Dealer's licence
    • Firearms licence (group)
    • Security licence (organisation)
    • Collector's licence (weapons)


    Collection, preservation or study of weapons

    This genuine reason allows people to collect temporarily or permanently inoperable firearms for the purpose of collection or display in certain circumstances.  Depending on the categories of weapons you wish to collect, you will be required to provide specific information at the time of application. 

    Permitted licence types:
    • Collector's licence (weapons)


    Military or medieval re-enactment or historical demonstration

    If you have a keen interest in re-enactment, and are a member of an approved re-enactment society, this may satisfy your genuine reason to hold a licence.  

    Permitted licence types:
    • Miscellaneous weapons licence
    • Firearms licence
    • Collector's licence (weapons)


    Sporting organisation firearm to start sporting events

    If you are required to operate a starting pistol for sporting events, this will be your genuine reason. 

    Permitted licence types:

    • Blank-fire firearms licence.


    Theatrical organisation firearm for a theatrical production

    If you need to use weapons or supply weapons to movies, television shows or even theatre productions, this would qualify for your genuine reason. 

    Permitted licence types:

    • Blank-fire firearms licence
    • Theatrical ordnance supplier's licence.


    Paint-pellet sports

    Lastly, if you're an employee or a participant in paintball sports with your own weapon, this would be your genuine reason. 

    Permitted licence types:
    • Firearms licence


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