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gun licensing fees

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    What are the Fees for Firearms Licences in Western Australia?



    WA Firearms Licence Fees 2019

    Individual Firearm Licences
    Firearms Licence- Original Issue (1 year)$268.00
    Firearms Licence - renewal (1 year)$56.00
    Firearms Licence - Additional Firearm/s Application Fee (Formerly referred to as "Noting Fee"$188.00
    Collector's Licence
    Firearm Collector's Licence- Original issue (3 year)$346.00
    Firearm Collector's Licence- renewal (3 year)$62.00
    Firearm Collector's Licence - Additional Firearm/s Application Fee (Formerly referred to as "Noting Fee"     $199.00
    Corporate Licence
    Corporate Licence- original issue (1 year)$442.00
    Corporate Licence- renewal (1 year)$128.00
    Corporate Licence - Additional Firearm/s Application Fee (Formerly referred to as "Noting Fee"$199.00
    Dealers Licence
    Dealers Licence - original issue (1year)$455.00
    Dealers Licence - renewal (1year)$118.00
    Repairs Licence
    Repairers Licence - original issue (1 year)$455.00
    Repairers Licence - renewal (1 year)$92.00
    Manufacturers Licence
    Manufacturers Licence- original issue (1 year)$455.00
    Manufacturers Licence- renewal (1 year)$92.00
    Shooting Gallery Licence
    Shooting Gallery Licence - original issue (1 year)$317.00
    Shooting Gallery Licence - renewal (1 year)$97.00
    Ammunition Collector's Licence
    Ammunition Licence - original issue (5 years)$317.00
    Ammunition Licence - renewal (5 years)$64.00
    Miscellaneous fees
    Safe Custody Fee*$162.00
    Temporary Permit Fee$61.00
    Duplicate Firearms Licence$34.00
    Photographic licence cards$20.00
    Infringement Fine$421.00

    *GST Inclusive



  • What are the Weapons Firearms Licence Fees in Queensland?



    For new applications, you will need to add the application fee + the number of years your licence is issued for, e.g. new application for a firearms licence for 5 years will be $107.15 + ($35.40 x 5 years) = $284.15. For renewal of a licence you will not need to pay the application fee, only the fees for the number of years the licence is to be issued.


    Schedule of Fees as of 1 July 2019

    Schedule 1 Fees Section 74(1) Weapons Regulation 2016Fee
    Application fee for a licence (Act, section 13(1)(c)(i))$107.15
    Licence fee, or fee for renewal of licence (Act, s 18(2)(c)),for each year of the licence— 

    (a) armourer’s licence

    (b) blank-fire firearms licence $16.25
    (c) collector’s licence (heirloom)$16.25
    (d) collector’s licence (weapons)$16.25
    (e) concealable firearms licence— 
        (i) for an approved pistol club member$24.55
        (ii) for anyone else$61.50
    (f) dealer’s licence— 

        (i) for a licence endorsed with only category A, B or M weapons

        (ii) for a licence endorsed with only category C, D, E, H or R weapons$205.95
        (iii) for any other licence$411.55
    (g) firearms licence$35.40
    (h) firearms licence (instructor)$61.50
    (i) minor’s licence$16.25
    (j) security licence (guard)$32.40
    (k) security licence (organisation)$411.55
    (l) theatrical ordnance supplier’s licence$411.55
    (m) miscellaneous weapons licence$15.45
    Fee for visitor's licence (s 77)$51.40
    Application fee for approval to transfer a transferable licence (Act, s 21)$205.95

    Application fee for a replacement licence (Act, s 23(2)(b)) 

    Application fee for a permit to acquire (Act, s 40(1)(c)(i))$40.50
    Application fee for approval to conduct an arms fair (Act, s 80(1)(d)(i))  $205.95
    Application fee for a shooting club permit, for each year of the permit (Act, s 86(3)(c))$61.50
    Application fee for an amendment of conditions applying to a shooting club permit (Act, s 94(1)(a))$40.85
    Application fee for approval of a range for weapons target shooting (Act, s 99(2)(c))$308.60
    Application fee for an amendment of conditions applying to an approval of a range for weapons target shooting (Act, s 104(1)(a))— 
    (a) for an amendment that allows alteration of the actual firing range, or butts of the firing line, in a material way$308.60
    (b) for any other amendment$40.85
    Application fee for approval to conduct a shooting gallery, for each year of the approval (Act, s 111) $308.60
    Application fee for a decision by an authorised officer relating to the way of transporting particular weapons (s 60(2))$102.55
    Application fee for a commissioner's exemption other than an exemption under part 26, division 3 (s 150(2)(a))$81.90

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