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  • 10 Part Guide to a Firearms Licence in Queensland (Part 5)


    The Types of Weapons Licences Available in Queensland


    In order to own and use a firearms in Queensland, you first need to apply for a Weapons Licence. The Weapons Act covers the licensing of firearms, certain knives, crossbows and paintball guns. There are several Weapons Licences that you can apply for in Queensland. The type of Weapons Licence you need to acquire will depend upon the categories and specifications of the firearms you with to purchase and own.


    Types of Weapons Licences


    The type of licence you need depends on the category of weapon you want to own or use, and what you want to use it for.

    • Firearms Licence: The most commonly used general licence used by farmers and sports and target shooters.
    • Minor: A restricted firearms licence for young people between the ages of 11 and17 which allows use of weapons in certain circumstances, but not the acquisition of firearms.
    • Visitor: For people temporarily visiting Queensland with a firearm.
    • Armourer: Required if you run a business for the storage, manufacture, modification or repair of weapons.
    • Dealer: Required if you run a business buying or selling weapons.
    • Firearms instructor: Required if you give firearms’ training on behalf of a Registered Training Organisation.
    • Group: Authorises members of an organisation or employees of an organisation to possess and use weapons for the purpose stated on your licence e.g. members of a sports or target shooting club.
    • Blank-fire firearm: Issued for the use of blank-fire firearms for use in the theatre or at sporting events.
    • Theatrical ordnance supplier: Required if you run a business supplying weapons on a temporary basis for use in theatre film or television productions.
    • Collector's licence: Required by weapons collectors and permits the ownership of temporarily or permanently disabled weapons.
    • Miscellaneous weapons: Required for the use of body armour, crossbows and the possession of some knives.
    • Concealable firearms: Specifically for handguns.
    • Security (guard): Required if you provide armed security services for the escort of valuables.
    • Security (organisation): Required by businesses providing armed security services for the escort of valuables by licensed employees.


    Firearms Licence


    This is the most common type of weapons licence held in Queensland. It allows you to possess and use single shot or manual repeating rifles and shotguns (categories A & B). Genuine reasons for a firearms licence include sports and target shooting or occupational reasons (for example, if you work in primary production). It’s possible to possess a semi-automatic rifle or shotgun (categories C & D) under a firearms licence, but you will need to provide strong evidence for your genuine reason to possess these more powerful weapons.


    Concealable Firearms Licence

    A concealable firearms licence authorises the possession and use of category H weapons. Category H includes any firearm under 75cm in length, except a powerhead. Even if such a firearm has been rendered permanently inoperable, it is still classified as category H. This can include an air pistol, a centre-fire pistol, black powder pistol or a rim-fire pistol. A concealable firearms licence can only be issued for one of the following genuine reasons:

    • Sports or target shooting
    • Primary production
    • Other occupational reasons.

    See How to Apply for a Concealable Firearms Licence for Target Shooting


    Minor's Licence

    A minor’s licence allows you to possess and use category A, B & H weapons for sports or target shooting; or primary production on rural land. In some cases, your minor’s licence may allow you to use a category C weapon for clay target shooting or occupational purposes. A minor’s licence can only be issued to someone between the ages of 11 and 17 years (inclusive). Once you turn 18, you will have to apply for an appropriate adult licence, as your minor’s licence will no longer be valid.


    Collector's Licence

    ​​To be considered collectable, a firearm must be of obvious and significant commemorative, historic, thematic or investment value. There are two types of licence in this category – a collector’s licence (weapons) and a collector’s licence (heirloom). A collector’s licence (weapons) is for a person or group that collects weapons, such as a museum, historical society or RSL.

    Any weapons held must be made temporarily or permanently inoperable (depending on the category of weapon) and cannot be operated or discharged under this licence. A collector’s licence (heirloom) is for a person who has been handed down a single weapon as part of a will or bequest. The weapon must be made permanently inoperable. Only one weapon can be registered to this licence.


    Blank-fire Firearms Licence

    Blank-fire firearms licences allow the use of blank-fire firearms for two purposes only – to start sporting events, or for use in theatrical productions. A blank-fire firearms licence can be issued to a theatrical organisation, or an athletic or other sporting organisation.


    Visitor's Licence

    A visitor’s licence allows you to use a weapon while you are in Queensland as a visitor. If you are visiting from another Australian state or territory, you do not need a visitor’s licence, as long as you are using the weapons as part of:

    A shooting competition, including training for a shooting competition,
    Recreational shooting (hunting) on rural land with the written consent of the owner, or
    A requirement to shoot on rural land for an occupational purpose.
    For all other reasons, interstate visitors to Queensland must apply for a visitor’s licence.

    If you are an international visitor and you wish to use a weapon while in Queensland or elsewhere in Australia, you will need a visitor’s licence and a special permit from Australian Police. You must be entitled by law to possess and use a weapon in the state or country where you normally reside.


    Miscellaneous Weapon's Licence

    A miscellaneous weapons licence covers weapons in the E and M categories. Category E includes bulletproof vests and body armour. Category M includes crossbows and some martial arts weapons, as well as some historical or military weapons. If you want to possess a crossbow for sports, target or recreational shooting or historical and military re-enactments, you need a miscellaneous weapons licence.


    Firearms Licence (Instructor) Licence

    The firearms licence (instructor) licence allows you to possess and use firearms to deliver approved firearms training. To apply for this licence, you must be authorised by a registered training organisation and have completed the relevant course/s. You can then possess and use firearms within the categories endorsed on your licence for use in training. Legislation also allows students taking an approved course to possess or use a firearm supplied by the licensed instructor, under supervision from the instructor as part of the training course.


    Armourer's Licence

    ​​An armourer’s licence is for a person or organisation that operates a business storing, manufacturing, modifying or repairing weapons. The armourer’s licence may be endorsed for weapon categories A, B, C, D, E, H, M and R.


    Group Licence

    ​​A group licence allows the members, officers and employees of the group to physically possess and use weapons for the purpose stated on the licence. However, the members, officers or employees must hold a current licence that allows them to possess and use weapons of the same type allowed under the group licence. A group licence can be issued for two genuine reasons – either because an individual or organisation has an occupational need to possess weapons, or for a sports or target shooting club.


    Security Licence (Guard)

    A security guard is a person who patrols, protects, watches over or guards (protects) their own or someone else’s property, as part of their own business or as an employee of a security business. There are four types of security licence:

    Security licence (guard) - employee: a security guard employed by a security organisation.
    Security licence (guard) - sole provider: a security guard who works as a sole provider.
    Security licence (guard) - business: relates to a person protecting their own property and not providing security services to others.
    Security licence - organisation: relates people or organisations providing security services by licensed employees.


    Theatrical Ordnance Supplier's Licence

    A theatrical ordnance supplier's licence is for a person or organisation that supplies weapons on a temporary basis for use in theatrical, film or television productions. The supply of the weapons must not involve a change of ownership of the weapons. This licence allows the possession and supply of blank-fire, replica or permanently inoperable firearms.


    Dealer's Licence

    A dealer is a person (other than an armourer or theatrical ordnance supplier) who operates a business that:

    Acquires, sells or disposes of weapons
    Displays weapons for sale
    Possesses weapons for sale.
    A dealer’s licence allows you to operate a business buying, selling and broking the weapons endorsed on the licence, except for category R and restricted category M weapons. It allows you to act as a broker for a theatrical ordnance supplier to acquire permanently inoperable or blank-fire weapons in category R. It also allows you to receive, dispatch, repair or store weapons.


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  • 10 Part Guide to a Firearms Licence in Queensland (Part 8)


    Apply for Concealable Licence for Target Shooting in Queensland

    Before you can apply for a Category H concealable firearms licence for the Sport or Target Shooting, there are a few things you need to do.


    Step 1 - Join a pistol club as an eligible member
    You are required to become an eligible member of a shooting club.

    In order to become an eligible member, you must:

    already possess a weapons act licence, or
    have obtained a statement of eligibility issued by Weapons Licensing.
    If you don't possess a statement of eligibility or a Weapons Act Licence, you are not considered an eligible person to join a pistol club.


    Step 2 - Maintain membership and complete the required shoots
    Once you become an eligible member, you must maintain this membership for at least 6 months before applying for a licence.

    During that 6 months, you are required to complete at least 3 participation shoots.

    Step 3 - Approved club declaration (QP518A) and application
    Your club representative is required to complete an approved club declaration (QP518A). This declaration proves your membership to the club and makes up part of your application.

    This declaration is valid for only 28 days, so make sure once you receive this declaration, you apply for your licence.

    You must also include a participation record card showing you have completed the 3 required shoots. The shoots must have taken place within the six months immediately before the 'approved club declaration (Queensland applicant)' being signed, and on separate days.


    Application for a Queensland Concealable Firearms Licence (Cat H)


    Concealable Firearms Licence (Cat H) for Sport of Target Shooting

    To support your application, you will need to provide:


    Proof of address (Queensland Drivers Licence, rates notice or electricity bill).

    Your statement of attainment for an approved firearms safety course, covering the category of weapon you’re applying for.

    Approved Club Declaration, Queensland Applicant (Form QP518A), completed by the club representative within the previous 28 days. The QP518A is the proof of current financial membership of an approved Queensland Pistol Club. If you have moved from interstate the club representative must complete a QP518B instead.

    A copy of your participation record card showing you have completed the three required shoots. These must have taken place within the six months prior to the Approved Club Declaration (Queensland Applicant) being signed.

    Details of any medical condition endorsed on your Queensland Drivers Licence.

    A current passport-quality photograph.

    Additional information: If you wish to use handguns for accredited events, please provide details specific details of the handguns you will be using, as well as details of the accredited events. You will also need to supply a letter from an approved shooting club verifying your participation. Once you are ready to commence your application please agree to the following statement by reading the important information below and selecting the check box.


    Restrictions on the Type of Handguns in Queensland


    A holder of a concealable firearms licence, who is a member of an approved shooting club, must not use a weapon that:

    • has a calibre greater than .38 inch (except for black-powder pistols) unless they have applied for and been approved to use high calibre weapons,
    • is semi automatic and has a barrel length of less than 120mm unless it has an overall length of at least 250mm measured parallel to the barrel,
    • is not semi automatic (e.g. revolvers and single shot pistols) and has a barrel length of less than 100 mm unless it has an overall length of at least 250 mm measured parallel to the barrel,
    • has a capacity of more than 10 rounds, and
    • is designed to be used without a magazine that has a maximum capacity of more than 10 rounds.

    Calibre limitations do not apply to category H weapons that are black-powder pistols.

    A black-powder pistol is a firearm that is less than 75 cm in length; and is either:

    • a muzzle loading firearm; or
    • a cap and ball firearm; and
    • does not accept cartridge ammunition.


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  • What other Firearms Licences can I apply for in Western Australia?


    Original Firearms Licence

    If you have never held a Firearms Licence previously, you will be applying for a ‘first time issue’ (Original) Firearms Licence.. Categories A and B can be submitted on one application. Categories C, H and E applications are required to be submitted separately. Each application will incur a separate fee. Storage: "A person entitled to possess firearms or ammunition of any kind is to ensure that the firearms or ammunition are stored in accordance with this regulation. Firearms and ammunition are to be stored in a locked cabinet or container that at least meets the specifications described in Schedule 4 or in such other way as is approved". That part of the regulation that refers to "in such other way as is approved" relates to specific situations where circumstances dictate that another form of security, in the opinion of the Commissioner’s delegated officer at the Licensing Enforcement Division, satisfies the criteria by providing secure storage. Reference is also made to specific matters related to keys left in the cabinet, ammunition storage and method of fixing the cabinet or container to two immovable surfaces. It is a requirement that an applicant for the issue of a licence or permit provide supporting advice (refer to Statutory Declaration at the end of this document).


    Co-user application

    If you have not previously held a Firearms Licence, you will have to make an application for an Original Firearms Licence.

    Legislation requires that for you to have access to any firearms you must be licensed for them; therefore if you wish to use someone else's firearms but do not want to own them then you will need to make an application as per the above (original or additional) and select where requested that you are applying to co-licence the firearms with the current licencee. The application process is the same as if you were applying to possess a firearm.


    Firearm Collector's Licence - Firearm

    A Firearm Collector's Licence allows the holder to possess, but not carry or use any firearm named and identified in the licence. You must complete an application form online by going to the application form. You will need to show the firearm has significant commemorative, historical, thematic or heirloom value. If you have not previously held a Collector's Licence for Firearms, then the first application is treated as an original, regardless if you already hold another firearms licence (or Collector's Licence – Ammunition); therefore the application is subject to a 28 day cooling off period. Storage: The requirements for storage are generic and apply equally for firearms held on a Collector's Licence. As collectors cannot possess ammunition, the storage of ammunition separately is not relevant.


    Firearm Collector's Licence - Ammunition

    An Ammunition Collectors Licence allows the holder to possess and carry ammunition however the ammunition can not be used.

    In some cases the quantities of ammunition may be specified.

    You need to be a person of good character and have a genuine reason and need to collect ammunition.

    If you have not previously held a Collector's Licence for Ammunition, then the first application is treated as an original, regardless if you already hold another type of firearms licence.


    Corporate Firearms Licence

    A Corporate Firearms Licence is issued to any business involving club or occupational use of firearms – (Corporate, 'Trading As' or Shooting club – usually with a number of employees (nominated persons)/club members).


    Firearm Dealer's Licence

    A Firearm Dealer's Licence is issued to a business which is involved in the sale of firearms and/or ammunition – (corporate or 'trading as' – usually with a number of employees/nominated persons).


    Firearm Manufacturer's Licence

    A Firearm Manufacturer's Licence is issued to the individual for the manufacture or modification of firearms and/or the manufacture of ammunition.


    Firearm Repairer's Licence

    A Firearm Repairer's Licence is issued to a qualified person who is involved in the repair of firearms (whether as a business or as an individual).


    Shooting Gallery Licence

    A Shooting Gallery Licence entitles the holder to conduct a shooting gallery in accordance with the regulations at the premises and events specified in that licence. A Firearms Licence entitles the holder to possess, carry, and lawfully use the firearm/s named and identified in that licence, and ammunition for that firearm. An approval is determined by the category or type of firearm applied for, and the reason for which it is required.

    To determine the category of firearm you wish to licence, you can access the Firearms Licences and categories page.


    Storage for Firearm Dealer's, Repairer's & Manufacturer's Licence

    "The holder of a Dealer's Licence, a Repairer's Licence, or a Manufacturer's Licence shall keep all firearms and ammunition in a strongroom or otherwise in safe keeping, securely fastened during any period when the premises are not open for trade". The method described as being "securely fastened" is not defined, however it is accepted that a wire cable locked at either end would meet the criteria. Some dealers employ other methods and each is treated on its merits. The same would apply to large quantities of ammunition where it is impracticable to continually move it from display counters and the like. Construction materials used in the dealership should also be considered in addition to security systems, security mesh and bars.


    This information is NOT legal advice, and is only provided as a guide. If you require case specific information please contact Police Firearms Licensing Branch directly on 1300 171 011.

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