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Our Dealer Banner Adverts can be targeted to visitors who live in your state, or who are seeking firearms being sold in your state. There is little point in serving up advertising to customers who live in New South Wales when your gun shop in located in Western Australia. It is far better to focus your advertising on your target audience, which is what we endeavour to do at Used Guns Mart.  Naturally, if you are seeking an Australia wide audience, we can accommodate this preference also.


Banner Advertisers are given a statistics email report each month. The report will show how many times your banner was display to your targeted audience, and more importantly, how many clicks resulted from your banner ads. This can be most helpful in deciding where to spend your advertising dollars.


Horizontal Banner Ads need to have dimensions close to 795 x 125 pixels.

If you don't have a copy of Photoshop or image manipulation software, you can download a copy of the free Resizer Software from our software download page. If you need assistance, let us know. We have a web developer on site who can assist you. Submit a Support Request for assistance.



Vertical banner ads need to have dimensions similar to 190 x 410 pixels.


You can upload your display banner to us using your own Profile page. (Used the Attachments uploader at the bottom of the page. Remember to label the upload as "Dealer Banner Advert" after uploading).


As an introductory offer, we will display your banner advert on Used Guns Mart for 6 months for free. 

This offer is to display your banner to an Australia-wide audience.

If you wish to have your banner targeted to a particular state audience Example New South Wales, we will require a $25.00 setup fee. (This takes a bit of time to setup)


How do I arrange my Banner Display?

1) Register as a member on Used Guns Mart - It's Free.


2) Upload your business registration certificate or firearms dealer licence using the Attachments link on your Profile page. Submit a Support Request to have your membership be changed to "Dealer" category.


3) Upload your 795 x 125 pixel banner advert to your Profile page using the Attachments uploader. (Our Webmaster can modify your banner size to suit our requirements for $15.00 if you need assistance). Include a "resize banner" request in your Support Ticket.



4) Send us a Submit a Support Request to have your banner displayed to an Australia wide audience. Include URL to your website to link your banner back to your website.

5) If you would like to target the audience looking at firearms in your own state, include this in your request. We will email you with a * $25 invoice to cover setup costs*  (includes banner resizing if required).

6) After payment we will setup you banner to be displayed for your state audience.

7) If you haven't become a Verified Seller, you can also do this with the same support request.

8) In summary, you can do all three things at once using in a single Support Request.

  • Upgrade your account to registered "Firearms Dealer".
  • Upgrade your seller account to "Verified Seller" status.

9) If you don't have a banner advertisement, we can provide a quote to have a banner made up for your  business.


How to Re-Size Your Display Banner


                Download Free Image Resizing Software (1.5Mb)



If your banner doesn't fit these sizes, you can resize your banner using free "Image Resizer" for Windows which can be Download Here. After downloading and installing, the software will operate from your Explorer Menu when you right click an image file.

This panel will appear (left image) which gives you the ability to resize images in pre-configured sizes. 

Advanced Options enable you to save the image file as BMP, JPG, TIFF, PNG and GIF formats. You can also make a pre-configured sizes for our banner requirements.

Using the Advanced settings you can make custom settings to fit the Small, Medium, Large & Phone fields.

You can use this software to resize images for your advertisements also. This will reduce the size of the uploaded images. Image files for used for Gun advertisements should be approx 1600 wide.


Dealer Banner Display Pricing

Banner Advertisement prices are based on the period of time displayed.  Payment for banner ads is made in advance, for a fixed display time period. Banner Ads are not subject to Pro rata refunds. Payments can be made by through PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer after invoice receipt. If you have any questions, please let us know. We recommend you also review the following articles before you list an item on

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