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Finding a Firearms Dealer who lives near you is easy. Google is the best place to find a registered Firearms Dealer. Type in "Firearms Dealer" and your suburb will provide at least 5 to 10 dealers in a reasonable travelling distance. Make sure you look at their feedback when selecting a dealer. Ring them up and talk to them on the phone and ask a few questions about transfer fees and holding fees while you wait for your firearms licence to process.


You may not be aware that licencing a firearm is not like getting a driver's licence. With a driver's licence, the driver is licensed and it doesn't matter which car you drive, provided that it is approved for your category of licence. Firearms are a bit different. You can't get a Firearms licence without a firearm. You need to arrange / purchase your firearms and it is then registered to you. It's a package deal. For Example - The license process if for "Joe Bloggs", licensed to possess firearm 308 cal Omark Rifle serial number "1232522".


The type of firearm and calibre that is permitted in each State of Australia will vary greatly. 


DON'T purchase a firearm before you find out from your State Firearms Branch if it is allowed to be registered. Many firearms licences in Queensland and New South Wales are not permitted to be owned in Western Australia for example.  Become familiar with the Firearms laws that apply in your state. Download a copy from Austilli 


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