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How to Register - It's Free at Used Guns Mart to access "For Sale" Advertising & Auctions with a selection of special tools to aid buyers and sellers to transact firearm sales in a safe and secure environment.  We provide registered users with a selection of tutorials and articles to help you get-up-to-speed navigating the website and locating the menus and procedures necessary to place advertisments on the site.



Buyers can view firearm advertisements using the Firearms Menu and Advanced Search facility. You can even make EMAIL SEARCH ALERTS that will send you an email when the right firearms pops-up in the For Sale or Auction database.  No more hoping in vain to find that 357 Coonan or a special Colt Python. Setup an "email search alert" and you will be notified as soon as your sought after item hits the forsale section. Buyers must conform to the firearms laws in their state in order to purchase firearms, firearms parts and ammunition.



Licenced firearms owners are welcome to register, purchase advertising space and sell their firearms, products related to firearms such as ammunition parts (ie projectiles, cases), optical systems, hunting equipment and accessories in a safe environment. Only sellers who have a police licenced firearm are permitted to sell their firearms on the website. If you don't have a licence for your firearm, hand it in to your local police station. Sellers who wish to take part in Auctions on the site are required to become verified sellers.



Our How to Get Verified gives buyers the confidence to transact firearm deals in a more secure environment with reduced risk of running into trouble with unknown people on the end of an IP address. Look for Adverts that display the "Green Shield & Tick"  of approval. Sellers have gone the extra mile to identify themselves to Used Guns Mart. As a buyer, you can be assured that the person you are dealing with has provided photo identification and other information that allows the seller to remain anonymous to the general public, while identifing themselves to us. All information provided by registered users is dealt with according to our Terms & Conditions Policy, User Agreement and Our Privacy Policy. 



Licenced Firearms Dealers are welcome to sell firearms and products related to firearms, ammunition, optical systems, hunting equipment, and accessories and other such items listed in the menu sections on the website. All dealer sales and auctions will display the "Dealer Ad"  icon. See the Dealer Pricing & Plans section for more information.


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