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Only items that show the small "Green Gavel" image under the title are Auction listings. The Seller may include a yellow "Auction" banner to highlight their advertisement. See Our Video Tutorial - How to Setup a Firearm Auction

"When the seller constructs the Auction, he nominates a "Reserve Price" which is the minimum price that the Auction will accept to finalise the Auction. If the Reserve Price isn't met, then the Auction will close unsold. The seller also nominates the minimum bid increment dollar value. This is the minimum dollar value a bidder can advance a bid. Usually this is set to a $5, $10, or $20 amount.

The seller also sets the maximum bid increment dollar value, which limits the


Auction bids are display without the full bidder details to keep the process private. There are stiff legal penalties for fraudulent bidding or illegal price manipulation. Please read the Terms & Conditions with the User Agreement for the full set of Auction rules. 

When the auction ends, sends an email to the seller and winning bidder. The email contains all the information needed for the buyer and seller to contact each other and complete the transaction. Auction results are also available for everyone to review. Auction results indicate the final bid price and the User Name of the seller and winning bidder. We keep a complete bidding history for each Auction.

The winning bidder(s) and seller should contact each other within five business days of the end of the auction. The winning bidder(s) may lose their right to purchase the item(s) if they do not contact the seller within five business days of the end of the auction.


We recommend that all Sellers upgrade their account to "Verified" status. See our Video Tutorial - How to Become a Verified Seller We store this information off the Net, so it can't be accessed online. Buyers can be confident that the Seller is an approved member when they are given the "green shield and tick"    Verified Sellers reduce the risk to used gun buyers.


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