Used Guns in Australia

How to Perform a Search


The Menu Screen in the left column is the Search Form.

Use the form in the left column to filter the database to search the database to find the item you are interested in. 


KEYWORDS:  Select a keyword that best defines the search you wish to perform. If you are after a particular make of gun, type that into the first field at the top. You will notice that the form is active and does an instant search of the cached items in the database. Then press the SEARCH button or press ENTER.


LOCATION: All items for sale on the site are listed in the database by "State Name." You can do instant State Name searches by using this field by itself, or to narrow a previous search.


CATEGORY:  These are the Main Top level categories. Subcategories may exist but are not shown in this field. You can narrow the search results by using other fields and keywords.


  • TYPES: You can search by banner types that are displayed in Advertisements. You can list all adverts that display the type banner "Auctions" or "Private Sale" as examples.


  • TIME ADDED:  This field enables you to search for adverts that were added to the database in the last 24 hours or other time periods. You can search this field by itself, or narrow your search.


  • PRICE:  When your search comes back with a large number of advertisements, you can narrow the results by limiting the price. For example, if you searched for the keyword "GLOCK" and the search returned 40 Advertisements, you can troll through all 40 items or further narrow the field by using the FROM: and TO: fields.  The FROM: field will set the lower limit cut off. Any Glock firearms lower than the From: price will not be displayed. Any Glocks that are listed above the TO: price will not be displayed.


  • VIDEO - IMAGES - AUCTIONS:  You can further search by the selection of one or more of these fields. To make things simple, you can search the database by just selecting one of these three fields. Videos are a great way to see the whole firearm up close. Although multiple images are helpful, videos taken of the firearm can show far more detail. You may wish to only show advertisements with Videos in this case. By only selecting this field and then the search button, you will only see advertisements with Video footage.


  • RESET: After performing a search, the "reset" link will appear. This link is used to clear all fields with one simple click. You can then start your new search.