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We offer subscription to our Newsletter which has some great deals for members and discounts. Membership is optional and settings can be change to opt-in or opt-out.


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Lists Advertising Plans that you have previously purchased that are still current. If you don't have any active plans, a link will be displayed to allow you to view possible purchase options. Use the "New Advert" link in your active plans to start your next advertising setup. This will automatically keep tally of your remaining points and adverts.


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You can purchase Point or Plans to use on Advertising on our Site. There are advantages to paying for advertising space using each of these methods. From time to time, we offer discounts and bonus points in different points packages. Small purchases are often conveniently paid for with points. Example upgrading your listing to appear higher in the list.


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Lists your current and past advertisements with links to enable you to Upgrade your advertisement higher is the list, Edit, Archive or Delete your Ads. When you have items listed in Advertisements you may received offers to purchase if you enabled this function in your Ads. The offers and your acceptance or denial is shown in this section.


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Why you place offers on items you wish to purchase, they will be listed here so you can keep track of the communications from the seller. Acceptances and Denials will be listed here.


Offers Submitted

When you run complicated searches for specific items on the Site, you can save the search criteria in your "Saved Searches" history. This will also make it possible to receive emails when new items appear on the site that fit your saved searches criteria.


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On each advertisement in the top right corner is a white "heart" symbol with a grey background. If you wish to keep this advertisement in your list of saved searches, simply click the white heart symbol. The heart will turn red, showing you that the Advert is now in your Favourites List.


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