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Firearms Licensing FAQ - Queensland


This information is NOT legal advice, and is only provided as a guide. If you require case specific information please contact Police Firearms Licensing Branch directly on (07) 3015 7777


A restricted firearms licence for young people between the ages of 11 and 17 can be granted which allow young people to use a firearm in certain circumstances. This licence however, does not permit a licenced young person to purchase a firearm.
The minimum age for the purchase of a firearm in Queensland is 18 years old.  ( You must be the holder of a Weapons Licence)
Yes, you can use another persons licenced firearms, provided you are licensed for the same categories of firearms the other person is licensed to own. You can't borrow firearms that are not licenced or from a person who isn't the holder of a current licence.

The possession and use of a laser pointer with an output greater than 1 milliwatt is restricted to persons with a genuine reasonable excuse. A reasonable excuse is defined in the Act and allows members of recognised astronomical organisations and people who have genuine occupational reasons to have possession of a laser pointer with a power output of less than 20 milliwatts.

Firearms licensees who have possession of a firearm that has the capacity to use a laser pointer with a power output of less than 10 milliwatts will also be considered a reasonable excuse. The possession and use of laser pointers for any purpose will not be restricted where the laser pointer is less than 1 milliwatt.

The regulation of laser pointers will align Queensland with other Australian jurisdictions and the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulation 1956 (Cth) which restricts the importation of laser pointers.

  • It is not an offence to possess a gel blaster in Queensland.
  • There are no legal restrictions on the storage of gel blasters in Queensland. However, when possessing a gel blaster in a public place the item should be carried in a way that is not visible to the public, so it will not cause alarm to any person.
  • There are no restrictions on the sale of gel blasters in Queensland.
  • Use of gel blasters is a responsibility of the person in possession of the item.
  • It is an offence to modify a gel blaster if it has the capacity to fire ammunition as defined in the Explosive Regulation 2017.
  • You do not need a weapons licence to possess a gel blaster.
  • You cannot use a Gel Blaster on a paint pellet shooting gallery when paint ball guns are in use.
  • Each state and territory possesses its own policies relevant to gel blasters.  For any questions in relation to another authority you will need to contact the relevant authority in that state or territory directly.
In all instances when possessing a gel blaster in a public space the item should be carried in a way that is not visible to members of the public, so as not to cause alarm to any person.

Below are some examples of types of offences that may be committed by a person in possession or using a gel blaster.  This is not an exhaustive list.

  • Commit public nuisance from Summary Offences Act 2005
  • Particular conduct involving a weapon in a public place prohibited from Weapons Act 1990.
  • Dangerous conduct with weapon prohibited generally from Weapons Act 1990.

Unlawfully entering onto someone else’s land to use a gel blaster

  • Trespass from Summary Offences Act 2005

Discharging pointing or threatening the use of a gel blaster on another person without permission and causing them injury

  • Possession of implement in relation to particular offences from Summary Offences Act 2005.
  • Threatening violence - discharge firearms from Criminal Code.
  • Common assault from Criminal Code.
  • Assault occasioning bodily harm from Criminal Code.
  • Grievous bodily harm from Criminal Code. Robbery from Criminal Code.

Shooting animals with a gel blaster

  • Animal cruelty prohibited from Animal Care and Protection Act 2001.

Causing fear or alarm to any person in a public place or in view of a public place whilst using or in possession of a gel blaster

  • Going armed to cause fear from the Criminal Code.

Pointing a gel blaster at another person who believes the toy is a real weapon

  • Common assault from Criminal Code.



We are aware of the interest in airsoft / soft air sports in some areas of the community in Queensland. Airsoft guns are considered firearms in Queensland and are a prohibited item under Schedule 6 the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956.


Further information about customs can be obtained from the Australian Border Force

There is currently no age limit for a person, within Queensland, to possess or use a gel blaster. However, clubs, ranges, field operators and associations may have age restrictions for persons using their services.

There is a provision for temporary mutual recognition of interstate licences for particular purposes.

Further information on visiting Queensland with weapons. 


Permanent Queensland residents may apply for a Queensland weapons licence, licence renewal or permit to acquire (PTA) using WAO provided certain eligibility criteria can be satisfied. Ensure you are eligible to apply for and/or renew a ​ Queensland weapons licence or PTA.  

More on visiting Queensland

More on moving to or from Queensland

If you have selected 'No' to the question 'Is the firearm/weapon you are acquiring held by the registered owner?' you will be asked to upload a letter of authority from the registered owner giving permission for you to acquire the weapon. To determine if you have answered this question correctly and whether you need to supply a letter of authority, review information on safekeeping.

As a minimum requirement new applicants for a weapons licence will need to supply a passport quality photograph for use on the licence card.​ A copy of the statement of attainment for a firearms safety course is required if you have never previously held a weapons licence or it is more than 12 months since your previous licence expired. 


You may also need to supply documents relating to evidence of licence history, firearms possession, change of name and/or medical clearance depending on your answers to those questions in the application form. The other type of documents you may need to supply with your application will depend upon the type of licence you are applying for. Read the information supplied under the licence section for full details.


Correspondence is sent to the applicant to advise them when they are due to attend the station and present themself, together with a printed copy of the correspondence with the appropriate proof of identification to complete their identification check,

The table below indicates the documents which can be provided to the police station as identification.

You are required to present 1 primary and 2 secondary original documents as proof of your identity.


Primary - provide only 1

Secondary - provide any 2

Australian photo driver's licence
(current or expired less than 2 years)
Other photo ID - e.g. student ID
Australian or foreign passport
(current or expired less than 2 years)
Medicare card
Australian weapons licence
(current or expired less than 2 years)
Credit card/financial institution debit card
QLD or Federal Police Officer photo ID
Dept of Veterans Affairs/Centrelink pensioner concession card
Australian Defence Force photo ID
Named bill (e.g. rates, telephone)
Australian birth certificate
(accepted only for a minor’s application)
Rental lease agreement

In certain circumstances you may need to supply supporting documentation with your permit to acquire (PTA) application. This applies if you are acquiring a weapon for any of the following reasons:

  • Category H weapon for sports or target shooting
  • Requirements for collectors
  • Requirements for a weapon in safekeeping 
  • If the weapon is being disposed from a deceased estate.

The supporting documentation you need to supply with your new licence application will depend on the class of licence and the reason for your application (your genuine reason). In certain circumstances, you might also need to provide​ supporting documentation with your application for a PTA and licence renewal.

Supporting documentation and licence photographs are mandatory for the lodgement of new licence applications online and failure to submit the correct documentation will result in delays in processing your application.​

To upload documentation to your application ensure the files are:

  • saved to your computer as PDF, TIFF, JPEG or GIF files
  • are legible; and 
  • are no larger than 2MB per file.

A current photograph is required for the submission of all new licence applications and this can be saved to your computer as any valid image format. Refer to your courtesy renewal pack and your Form 6B for further information on licence photograph requirements for your licence renewal application. ​

If you can't upload supporting documentation for your PTA or licence renewal application, fax, email or mail them to ​Weapons Licensing, quoting your reference number. 

The confirmation screen will display a list of the documentation required to


You can supply documents such as your rates notice, electricity or phone bill or bank statement, as long as they are in your name and show your residential address. Alternatively, a copy of your Queensland driver's licence is appropriate. If you have a new Queensland driver's licence or your laminated licence has a change of address sticker on the reverse you must provide a copy of both sides of the licence.


No. To apply online you need to supply details of the individual or business that you are acquiring the weapon from. If you want to shop around you will need to complete a paper application for a permit to acquire. Even if you apply using a paper application, you will still be required to supply minimum weapon details.

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