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Each member of Used Guns Mart has their own "My Account" Menu Panel to help you keep track of your advertising listings,  purchase advertising plans, and your points balance. You can also keep track of your "Offers Received' and "Offers to Purchase" items listed. We offer a variety of adverting plans which are based upon the features enabled. You can purchase a Basic Advert, an Auction Advert or a Bulk Advertising Plan. You can also purchase a Premium Listing with additional advertsing accessories to help your advert standout from the crowd.


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Charges to your Profile / Account can also be viewed by navigating to Edit My Profile

Keeping your details current is essential for uninterrupted access to our site and its features. Always contact your purchaser after the end of your Auction. We send Automatic emails to both buyer and seller after the end of the Auction. You will be advised if the Auction was successful and provided with the highest bidders details. If the Auction is unsuccessful, you will be advised by email also. We encourage both buyers and sellers to contact each other as soon as possible to arrange payment and delivery. Remember there are a number of rules that apply to our members who are involved in Auctions. Please make yourself aware of these rules in the Policy Section at the bottom of this page. Our rules help make this service run smoothly and keep everyone happy.


Note: If your account is past due, you may incur late fees or your account may be placed on hold.


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