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Sig Sauer P229 Enhanced Elite Semi-Auto Pistol


  • Factory enhanced concealed carry
  • Exceptional ergonomics and balance
  • Reduced reach grip
  • Short reset trigger
  • SIGLITE night sights


The Sig Sauer P229 Enhanced Elite Semi-Auto Pistol is a compact version of the legendary P226, designed to accommodate plainclothes police and federal agents. The P229 is compact enough to carry concealed, while offering exceptional ergonomics and balance to deliver major firepower when needed.


A reduced reach grip and a shorter barrel and slide from the full-sized P226 field pistol facilitate excellent concealed carry for law enforcement. The P229 Enhanced Elite comes with Sig's SRT (Short Reset) trigger to improve fire control with faster follow-up shots, and an extended beavertail keeps the shooter's hand from sliding up on the hammer during rapid fire. Other combat enhancements include a 1-piece ergonomic textured grip, front cocking serrations on the slide and SIGLITE night sights. The P229 is constructed with a black hard-coat anodized aluminium frame and a Nitro coated stainless steel slide. The frame features an integral 3-lug Picatinny rail for attaching aftermarket sights and lights.


The P229 operates with a double action/single action design, with only 3 controls: the slide stop, the magazine release and the decocker, enabling the pistol to be deployed quickly without having to flip a mechanical safety on or off. Sig semi-automatic pistols have several built-in safety features, including a hammer block and firing pin block that make them suitable for safe carry. The Sig Sauer P229 Enhanced Elite Semi-Auto Pistol is a masterpiece of highly functional firearm engineering that's simple to use and easy to maintain, incredibly accurate and rugged beyond belief.


The controls on SIG’s P-series guns date back to the original Swiss Service P220 from 1975. That same year, the German police issued their original specifications for handguns, which mandated that any pistol in police service must be capable of firing reflexively, (without the need to disengage a safety catch). After mandating that manufacturers provide them with a gun that could be instantly brought into action, they located the handgun in a full flap, two handed nightmare of a holster. Not very German if you ask me!


p229 expanded grey

 Caliber: 9mm Luger

Barrel Length (in): 3.9 inches

Capacity: 15+1

Finish: Black Nitron

Grip: Flat Dark Earth Polymer

Model: 34.4 ounces

SKU: 04798951


Sig Legion P226



Sig Case 


Price Tag

With a price tag that will buy you close to 3 x Glocks, a SIG P229 Legion had better be good. Well it is!  There’s no denying, the 229 Legion is a handsome beast. It differs from the standard 229 by virtue of its attractive, grey PVD finish and slim G10 grips, but the changes are more than just cosmetic. For starters, the frame has been subtly reshaped to sit lower in the hand, which at least partially addresses the usual criticism of SIG products and their higher bore axis. Is it as low as a Glock? No, but the undercut trigger guard and contoured beavertail keep it as low as possible.



Grip panels feature both coarse and fine checkering areas ensure that once your hands wrap around, they’re not going anywhere. The grip panels are marvels of minimalism, yet have topography that ensures your digits wind up in the same place every time. Square, 30 LPI checkering on the front strap and underside of the trigger guard are nicely executed with sharp tooling which adds to the overall solid feel in the hand. There’s also a patch of checkering on the front of the trigger guard, for those that like to limit muzzle rise by using a finger around the trigger guard.


The slide is honed out of a bar of stainless steel, rather than being formed from pressed carbon steel sheet with a welded and roll pinned breechblock and nose. While the old method was perfectly adequate for 9mm Luger, the advent of .40 S&W and .357 SIG chamberings require a heavier top end in order to reduce slide velocity which can beat handgun to pieces. While the change in weight between models is slight, (10.5 ounces 297.67grams versus 11.4 ounces 323grams) it’s evidently enough and has proven itself in service since 2006.



My Digital Gauge from averaged the pull at 1.6kgs or 3 pounds 8.6 ounces.  There is a couple of millimetres of slack or take up before you feel resistance, then as you pull through you get a clean break. The short trigger reset is amazing!  Simply letting off pressure resets the Legion for action with rapid trigger pulls a breeze.



Sights come courtesy of SIG’s new electro-optics division and are very good indeed. The front uses their standard dovetail, but is 0.150 inch wide and inset with a tritium lamp, surrounded by a green luminescent ring, making it big, bold, and easy to pick up in all lighting conditions. The rear also has tritium inserts, but they’re tiny and indistinct by comparison in daylight. However In the dark, they complement the front sight without overpowering it or allowing the shooter to be distracted. I found the day/night sights to be superb. My eye easily tracked the Hulk green front sight prior to and after the gun fired.



The combination of an amazing triggerer, excellent grip and controllability with superlative sights makes this full-sized pistol an absolute laser.  It’s an absolute nail driver. If you’re good, the P229 will button hole your shots, one on top of the other!




So, if you have a few dollars to spend, buying a Sig Sauer P229 would be an excellent decision. I doubt that you could get buyers remorse from such a fine firearm. Dependable, durable, accurate and a great looking firearm to boot. If you want to buy a SIG P229 second hand, you can place an "Email Search Alert" on the Used Guns Mart website and get notified when a SIG P229 comes up for sale. How to Setup Email ALERTS - Video Tutorial or the How to Setup Email Search Alerts.


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